As the majority of Champagne wine makers, we come from a wine growers’ family. After our wedding, we created in 1973 the Champagne Denis MARX. Nicolas, our son, joined us in 2001 after having studied the wine growing method.

Today, we are working 11 hectares of vines covering 7 villages in the Vallée de la Marne, between Dormans and Epernay.

Our estate cultivates the 3 Champagne grape varieties: Pinot Meunier 70%, Chardonnay 15% and Pinot noir 15%. Thus, we have a perfect range to create our cuvées.

Sylviane and Denis Marx

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In Demi-sec (medium dry), in half-bottle

The eye : The wine is clear and has a yellow golden colour. The bubbles are vivid and continuous and make appear multiple chains of tiny bubbles.

The nose is expressive and marked by a beautiful maturity with notes of candied fruits, mild tobacco even cocoa. The aeration reveals subtle notes of dried flowers.

The palate is ample, round and well balanced. Aromas of candied apricot and mirabelle end with harmony on the finish with flavours of small acid fruits.

You will appreciate the harmony and roundness of this Brut cuvée. You can taste it with a Parmesan crisp or ham rillettes.

Harvest 2014, 2015
90 % made with Pinot Meunier
5 % made with Chardonnay
5 % made with Pinot noir


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Available in Magnum and Magnum Ficelle.

The eye : The wine is clear with a pale golden colour with golden hints. The tiny bubbles create a long-lasting “cordon” on the top of the glass.

The nose: The first nose is expressive and makes appear notes of yellow fruits (mirabelle, apricot). The aeration reveals subtle notes of dried fruits and nuts (hazelnuts)..

The palate is ample and round. The appropriate combination brings greediness and perfectly matches the notes of yellow fruits and candied fruits. The finish is of good quality.

This Réserve Cuvée will accompany a fruity Comté cheese or chicken breast with caramelized pineapples.

Harvest 2011, 2012
33 % made with Chardonnay
33 % made with Pinot Meunier
33 % made with Pinot noir

LE POINT 15/20

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The eye : The wine is clear and has a pale golden colour with light golden hints. In the glass, the foam is abundant and gives way to tiny bubbles on the top.

The nose is fresh with side notes like fresh bread and leavened dough. The aeration reveals mineral notes of yellow fruits, orange peel and a finish with light touches of liquorice.

The palate has a vivid and rich entry. The aromatic range goes from yellow fruits to citrus fruits and some exotic fruits. This subtle combination perfectly comes to balance the acidity and light bitterness found in the finish.

It is a vintage in the full expression of youth, with a lot of freshness and tenderness. You will appreciate it by itself or with a sea bream tartar with quinoa and green apples.

80 % made with Chardonnay
10 % made with Pinot Noir
10 % made with Pinot Meunier


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The eye : This wine is clear and has a raspberry pink colour with very light orange hints. The creamy bubbles make appear tiny bubbles in the glass.

The nose is expressive and elegant. The aeration reveals aromas of raspberry, crushed strawberry and delicate notes of liquorice and mild tobacco..

The palate: The entry is ample. The aromatic expression perfectly matches the smells. This delicate combination allows to highlight the freshness of the finish with notes of red currant.

The aromatic range of this Rosé will perfectly accompany calf's head with Gribiche sauce.

40 % made with Chardonnay
30 % made with Pinot Meunier
30 % made with Pinot Noir
and red wine
(50 % made with Meunier vinified in cask
50 % made with Meunier vinified in vat
Harvest 2014, 2015
5 % made with Pinot Noir)


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The eye : This wine is brilliant and has a white golden colour with green hints. A number of fine bubbles gives way to a long-lasting “cordon”.

The nose is fresh and reveals notes of white fruits and flowers. Some mineral touches appear at the aeration.

The palate is supple, fresh and silky. This wine is marked by a beautiful liveliness and perfectly matches the characteristics of the nose. Citrus fruits aromas (pomelo) bring a beautiful length in mouth.

The freshness of this Blanc de Blancs will be perfect to accompany a fish carpaccio.

100 % Chardonnay

Harvest 2010

Image is not available

Only 850 bottles are produced by year.
The eye : The wine is clear and sparkling and has a pale golden colour with light green hints. In the glass, tiny bubbles appear on the top and give way to a tiny “cordon”.

The nose is delicate and elegant and reveals subtle notes of vanilla. The flavour of forest floor is discrete and comes to delicately highlight notes of fresh bread, small white fruits, dried flowers and touches of caramel.

The palate is ample and silky. The wood perfectly completes the aromatic richness of this wine. Balance, structure and delicacy. The aromatic range goes from peach to vanilla, from pastry cream to a lemon finish.

You will appreciate the elegance and the delicacy of this wine, as well as its aromatic range and freshness. It will perfectly accompany high-quality dishes or white meat. And why not take a break and share a glass of Champagne with friends or family?

Harvest 2014
1 cask of Chardonnay
1 cask of Pinot noir
1 cask of Pinot Meunier


Image is not available

The wine has a pale golden colour with light golden hints. In the glass, the bubbles are vivid and make gradually appear multiple chains of tiny bubbles.

Marked by a beautiful maturity, this wine reveals notes of peach and nuts. The aeration reveals touches of orange peel, pastry (Paris-Brest) and fruit jelly.

The entry is harmonious, delicate and vivid and will satisfy your taste buds. The aromas, delicately highlighted by acid touches, bring back to lemon zest and white currant.


Image is not available

This cuvée has been created for cocktails only. Enjoy summer by discovering our new cuvée.

Pour 12 to 15 cl of Champagne La Givrée on 3 or 4 ice cubes and add a zest of lime or some fruits: pineapple, strawberry, mango, ...


The rugby player Serge BETSEN celebrated his wedding with our Champagne.

The skeeper Hervé LAURENT opened a bottle of Champagne Denis MARX when he rounded Cap Horn during the Vendée Globe race.


We are very proud of our team which takes part of the quality of our grapes and cuvées.

1973 Creation of Champagne Denis MARX trademark

1990 Cédric joined the estate when he was 15, in a pre-apprenticeship program (he is now an employee of the estate)

1995 Jérôme joined the estate as an employee, when he was 21 

2001 Nicolas joined the estate 

2006 Arminda joined the estate as an employee

2007 Creation of the Denis MARX et Fils SCEV 

The vines we cultivate are situated in 7 villages of the Vallée de la Marne, between Dormans and Epernay, which brings a lot of diversity in terms of terroirs, sun exposure, hilly areas, soils and climates. Our regional subsoil is mainly composed of marl, clay, sand and limestone. 

This combination of characteristics gives us a large range of different grapes to make champagnes of quality each year.

Our champagnes are created from our harvests only and are vinified in our estate. 
We cultivate the 3 main Champagne grape varieties
 -Pinot Meunier 70%, 
 -Chardonnay 15%,
 -Pinot noir 15%. 
 Pinot Meunier gives supple and fruity wines and brings roundness to the blending. Pinot noir is known for bringing body and strength to the blending. Chardonnay is characterized by delicate aromas of flowers and citrus fruits. 

 In general, our champagnes are created from the blending of the 3 Champagne grape varieties but also from several years. We mainly use the first pressing juices we call “cuvée”. 

 The variety of our range of champagne gives you the opportunity to taste it from the aperitif to the dessert and in any occasion.

Champagne Denis Marx

31 rue de la chapelle - CERSEUIL - 51700 


Tél : 03 26 52 71 96 - Contact here

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Crédits Photos :  Champagne Denis Marx - Adeline Photographie